What is an outdoor sofa

Update:20 Jul
Furniture has always been the protagonist of interior decoration. However, in recent years, indoor furniture has begun to be occupied by the outdoor market. People are no longer satisfied with indoor decoration and layout. On the basis of interior decoration, they also pay attention to outdoor furniture. Since The requirements for outdoor layout are very high. If the outdoor furniture layout and style can echo the style of the house, life will become more comfortable. Outdoor furniture is mainly sofa. Because of this, there are more and more outdoor sofas with different styles and sizes. So, what is an outdoor sofa?

Modern outdoor garden woven rope furniture sofa set

The choice of material for your outdoor garden sofa set is crucial, as it will influence the style and appearance of your patio. Rattan is a popular material for garden furniture, and is often confused with wicker. While they're both made from the same plant, the material is actually a synthetic material that mimics the look of rattan. Despite the differences between the two, both materials can complement each other very well.

Outdoor sofa mainly refers to furniture used for outdoor or semi-outdoor public activities. It is the material basis that determines the function of the outdoor space of the building and an important element that expresses the form of the outdoor space. The distinguishing feature of outdoor sofa from indoor sofa is that it is a component of urban landscape environment, and it has the characteristics of "public" and "communication" in a general sense.
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