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Update:15 Jul
Have you used outdoor furniture? Generally speaking, the definition of furniture is roughly this way. That is to place indoor furniture as indoor furniture, and place outdoor furniture as outdoor furniture. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to outdoor leisure life, so the application of outdoor furniture was born. It is a kind of leisure and activity furniture for outdoor or semi-outdoor applications. Its essential design concept is derived from traditional Chinese rattan furniture. Let me tell you the knowledge of outdoor furniture design slowly.
outdoor furniture table and chairs
In the design of outdoor space, the matching of outdoor furniture is also an important element for the beauty of outdoor space. Compared with general furniture, there are also many differences in the types of outdoor furniture designs. At present, the Nordic style outdoor furniture has become a new fashion. The Nordic spirit and connotation are in line with the modern people's yearning and pursuit for a simple and comfortable life. For friends who are in need of decoration on the patio of the villa hotel, consider the design of outdoor furniture, which can cater to a new leisure and comfortable life.
Nordic style Comfort outdoor furniture table and chairs
Simply put, there are three directions in the design of outdoor furniture. One is furniture that can be fixed outdoors for a long time, such as outdoor pavilions or awnings, parasols, and leisure park chairs in facilities such as urban landscapes. Therefore, in order to withstand the long-term sun and rain, this type of outdoor furniture must pay attention to its weather resistance in the selection of materials, generally using teak or anti-corrosion wood and wrought iron metal.
Outdoor teak table and chair furniture
The second type of outdoor furniture is the most common and most used in life, such as rattan tables and chairs, Teslin chairs or rattan sofas and so on. Simple and comfortable, beautiful and lightweight are the main design directions of this type of furniture. Of course, this type of outdoor furniture also has the basis of outdoor weather resistance, rain and sun protection. To be used outdoors for a long time, it is essential to choose good materials. The use of PE imitation rattan instead of real rattan, aluminum alloy outdoor spraying process and a series of changes in process materials ensure that outdoor furniture can be used outdoors for a long time and is not easy to be damaged.
pool lounger beach chair
The third type of outdoor furniture is relatively simple, and its use scene is usually limited to hotel swimming pools or outdoor beaches, collectively referred to as swimming pool reclining beds or beach chairs outdoor round beds. The general material is made of aluminum alloy and outdoor PE imitation rattan or teak, which has the characteristics of durable sunscreen and waterproof. The design direction of this type of outdoor furniture is to focus on leisure and entertainment, which can make people more comfortable when they are relaxing and relaxing.
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