The source of outdoor furniture development

Update:19 Aug
In recent years, my country's outdoor furniture has developed rapidly and has a bright future; internationally, my country has become the main producer of outdoor furniture and the "main force" of the outdoor furniture industry. There are four main reasons for this:
1. Fashion concept
With the continuous improvement of people's material living conditions, the concept of spending money on healthy consumption has become a new fashion for outdoor leisure. In the vast outdoor space, people's spirit and physique can be double harvested. This kind of thinking is developing day by day.
2. The concept of time
Our country's system tends to pay more and more attention to vacation and physical and mental rest. The extension and abundance of vacation time have laid the foundation for people's outdoor life.
3. Economic conditions
Except for some people who got rich first, after the implementation of family planning, ordinary people's families have surplus savings in addition to living expenses, and many people have begun to invest in outdoor health leisure and sports.
4. Space concept
The acceleration of my country's urbanization process and the transformation of large-scale construction projects to landscape and functional
Transformation, public leisure places with sightseeing, leisure and entertainment as the main body and major high-end residential areas and villa projects have been launched one after another, a large number of hotels, gymnasiums, office buildings, shopping malls, gardens, swimming pools, beaches, parks, golf Courts, tennis courts, cafes, cafes, high-end leisure and entertainment venues, private residences, and leisure venues for enterprises and institutions have a strong demand for outdoor furniture. It also greatly increases the scope of outdoor leisure sports space.
With the passage of time, we can completely predict the future development trend of outdoor furniture, and it will inevitably become a popular consumer product and enter people's field of vision!

Modern outdoor garden woven rope furniture sofa set

The choice of material for your outdoor garden sofa set is crucial, as it will influence the style and appearance of your patio. Rattan is a popular material for garden furniture, and is often confused with wicker. While they're both made from the same plant, the material is actually a synthetic material that mimics the look of rattan. Despite the differences between the two, both materials can complement each other very well.

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