How to choose an outdoor sofa?

Update:05 May
How to choose an outdoor sofa?
Watch Outdoor Sand Cushion
Seat cushions are divided into three types: high-elasticity, high-elasticity supersoft and medium-elasticity, which need to be selected according to personal preferences. Whether the fabric of the seat cushion is waterproof or water-repellent, easy to clean, etc., and consider the water permeability of the seat cushion filling
Look at the frame quality
With both hands, shake the whole sofa back and forth, left and right, and shake it repeatedly. If it feels good, it means the frame is firm. Outdoor sofas need to face the erosion of outdoor wind and rain, so more attention should be paid to the anti-corrosion and rust prevention of the frame, and the surface material should pay attention to the characteristics of UV protection. It is recommended to choose aluminum frame or cast aluminum sofa.
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