Four tips on how to maintain outdoor furniture

Update:19 Nov
Four tips on how to maintain outdoor furniture
Whether it is a courtyard or a garden, it belongs to our daily living area. Since it is a living area, it is natural to have furniture full of life... How to maintain outdoor furniture? Here I tell you.
1. For furniture that is afraid of sunshine, if it is not used for more than two or three weeks, it is better to cover it with a protective cover.
2. Even for wooden furniture, try to avoid exposure to the sun in summer, and take protective treatment such as storage and shading.
3. Hardwood furniture can be polished once a year and repainted with a protective layer of oil, colorant and polyurethane paint. Rinse rattan products with water pipes every few weeks to prevent dust from being stored in the gaps of rattan products.
4. The best way to protect wooden furniture is to regularly wipe off the dust, debris and excess watermarks on it. For metal materials, it is recommended to brush the rust resistant primer, and then brush the rust proof paint on the surface to avoid the cleaner containing ammonia, trisodium phosphate and other chemicals contacting the metal furniture, so as to avoid chemical reaction.

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