Application of outdoor furniture in garden landscape

Update:16 Jun
Outdoor furniture is relative to indoor furniture. It is customary to call indoor seats, benches, beds, and cabinets as furniture. Move these things to outdoor exposed spaces or semi-exposed spaces for use, also known as furniture, that is, outdoor furniture. .
Many people think that the word outdoor furniture is imported, in fact, outdoor furniture in China has a long history. However, there are many styles and types of outdoor furniture, and each type of outdoor furniture has different raw materials. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, people gradually begin to pursue spiritual life while pursuing material life. Starting to visit famous mountains and rivers around the world and in China, and experience exotic cultures with different customs, leisure and vacation is another cultural pursuit of people nowadays.
All over the world and domestic provinces, in order to meet the current tourism needs of people, in addition to actively developing existing tourism resources, they are also actively developing new tourist resorts based on local natural features. At the same time, the development of urban municipal construction, commercial blocks, and residential quarters all incorporate the factors of garden landscape. Human beings themselves are part of nature, and people’s yearning for nature is a natural plot from the heart. Now more and more real estate developers Take the community garden construction as the main bargaining chip to attract the majority of owners. So is there a necessary connection between outdoor furniture and garden landscape? Outdoor furniture is more and more widely used in garden landscapes. Outdoor furniture not only embellishes landscape gardens, but also provides leisure and rest places for travel enthusiasts and owners. Several things to pay attention to when using outdoor furniture in garden landscapes:
1. Outdoor furniture should be integrated with the garden landscape, organically combined, and the style of outdoor furniture should be consistent with the garden landscape. Outdoor furniture cannot be placed and stacked at will, and outdoor furniture cannot be placed for the purpose of placing outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is also a part of garden landscape art.
2. Outdoor furniture should be artistic and beautiful. Outdoor furniture is a part of the landscape. The shape and selection of materials must be integrated with the surrounding environment. At the same time, the aesthetics of outdoor furniture must have a certain visual impact and attractiveness. After arriving, you can take the initiative to come over, in addition to rest, you can also appreciate the artwork.
3. The practicability and durability of outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is not a decoration, it is only used for viewing. When it comes to practicality, that is, the comfort and convenience of outdoor furniture. In some scenic spots, in order to ensure the integration of outdoor furniture and scenic spots, At the same time, it also considers its artistry and aesthetics, but ignores the practicality of outdoor furniture, such as trash cans, which are designed in the shape of animals.
The mouth of the shape is used as the opening of the trash can, and a small opening is opened at the back for the sanitation workers to take out the garbage. It is often found that the animal-shaped mouth is holding the peel. Because the opening is too small, the sanitation workers cannot take out the full garbage for a long time, completely ignored. its practicality. Durability, from the selection of materials and workmanship, should not blindly pursue artistry and ignore durability. If outdoor furniture is fragile and easily deformed, it will not only lose artistry and beauty, but also increase the cost of scenic spots.
4. Outdoor furniture selection, everyone is accustomed to follow the trend when designing, forming a herd mentality. Others choose wood, I also choose wood, and other scenic spots choose rattan I also choose rattan, so the outdoor furniture will be lost. Uniqueness, uniqueness.

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