How to choose outdoor furniture tables and chairs?

Update:21 Feb
First of all, the purchase of outdoor furniture tables and chairs to take into account economic factors, practicality to be high, aesthetics to be good, and to be able to with the modern minimalist fashion style to bear one, especially to use green materials. Some people like solid wood seats, but solid wood tables and chairs need to consume a lot of solid wood, from the use of resources is not economic, more critical is the outdoor use of wood tables and chairs its durability is not good. Therefore, outdoor tables and chairs more than the use of plastic wood, rattan, rope and other furniture seats, like the market today is more popular with consumers rattan tables and chairs, leisure rope chairs, etc. The key is that the price of these materials is very economical, wide sources, is the current more ideal environmental protection materials, so more for the processing of outdoor tables and chairs production.

Furthermore, outdoor furniture tables and chairs and ordinary tables and chairs, the same size and comfort to meet the needs of people to relax, but different from ordinary tables and chairs is that the outdoor family tables and chairs not only for people to rest, but also to have the role of optimizing the outdoor living environment, that is, with other furniture to embellish, so that the rest of the environment more comfortable. Secondly, the main role of outdoor family tables and chairs is to meet the outdoor leisure used by people, therefore, it must be able to resist all kinds of wind and sun, therefore, in the material requirements on some more. From this point of view, we recommend outdoor furniture outdoor rattan tables and chairs, this is because its aluminum alloy frame combined with rattan material, not only sun, rain, corrosion, should not rust, and has a high load-bearing capacity, even if children climb on the table and chairs to play will not collapse, security is very high, more critical is the outdoor furniture tables and chairs tables and chairs easy to clean, do not require too much maintenance.
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