Maintenance and care of outdoor furniture

Update:21 Feb
Outdoor furniture needs to be used and placed outdoors for a long time, so it needs to be kept well maintained and cared for in order to protect the outdoor furniture and ensure long-term use.
  Good maintenance and care can effectively extend the life of outdoor furniture.
  Different outdoor furniture has different maintenance methods, the following maintenance methods on the market commonly used to do some classification of several outdoor furniture.

  Rattan furniture
  Rattan tables and chairs or recliners are lighter and easier to move, so you can use water and detergent when cleaning these tables and chairs. To clean the dust of rattan furniture, in addition to wiping it gently with a rag, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. When using rattan furniture in general, pay attention to the interface of the woven rattan, try not to leave the woven mouth of the rattan exposed, otherwise it is easy to bend and deform.

  Sunshade sun umbrella

  Shade products mostly use iron and aluminum tube support, in the installation process should pay attention to lightly hold and lightly put, try to avoid knocking or local excessive force and damage. At the same time, awnings and umbrellas, although designed for outdoor shade and leisure, but not really used for shelter from the wind and rain, therefore, in windy and rainy weather should try to avoid using. If the top cloth has water, to remove in time to avoid long-term stress and damage to the umbrella frame.

  Rattan-like furniture

  Imitation rattan material outdoor furniture, the materials used are polyester resin synthetics, high temperature will lead to rattan softening, which leads to rattan furniture deformation, unusable. So when using faux rattan furniture, you must avoid sun exposure, but also to avoid hard objects scratching affect the beauty.
  Wooden tables and chairs outdoor furniture wipe with a rag, do not scrape with hard objects, so as not to damage the surface of the waterproof layer.
  Metal pieces of outdoor furniture in handling to avoid bumping and scratching the surface protection layer; moreover, do not stand on top of the folded furniture, so as not to deform the folded parts and affect the use. Only occasionally scrub with warm soapy water, do not use strong acid or strong alkaline cleaning agents to clean, so as not to damage the surface of the protective layer and rust.
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