Outdoor tables and chairs rattan chairs furniture material introduction

Update:21 Feb
Outdoor tables and chairs used in outdoor rattan chairs furniture, because it needs to be used in the outdoors for a long time, so the material requirements for corrosion and sun protection is particularly high. Traditional wood and metal without treatment can not be used for outdoor furniture. Today, the most used materials for outdoor tables, chairs and rattan chairs furniture are 
West rattan 
West rattan also became PE imitation rattan, is a modified polymer material, is a rattan furniture alternative. It is brightly colored and beautiful, soft and comfortable and durable. It can withstand destructive experiments from minus 30 degrees to above zero 120 degrees, and is ideal for outdoor furniture that is exposed to the elements.
Teak is a large deciduous tree, native to South Asia. Now the market sales of teak mainly from Myanmar, performance, sapwood yellow-brown, slightly red, and the heartwood is distinct, about 3 cm wide, the heartwood light brown, a long time in the air is dark brown, lustrous wood, touch the sense of oil, the use of dimensional stability, corrosion resistance and ant resistance are strong, in the sea can resist the danger of marine wood-boring animals, leaching is not easy, acid resistance. Because of the excellent decay resistance and stability of the wood, processing strength and processing performance is moderate, the trunk is tall and straight, the wood appearance is beautiful and widely used, so teak is the world's good and well-known is also a good outdoor furniture with wood, widely used in outdoor tables and chairs, deck chairs, outdoor umbrellas, garden wood, yacht deck, etc..
Golden grapefruit (black heart mullein) 
Evergreen tree, up to 25 meters high, 15 meters high under the branches, diameter at breast height of about 80 cm, up to 140 cm. It is mainly produced in the evergreen broad-leaved forests in northwestern Myanmar at an altitude of 800-1800 meters and is more than 120 years old. It is also called "golden grapefruit" because its finished product resembles teak. The wood is loose porous, and the heartwood is golden yellow to grayish yellow-brown. The wood has a strong luster, no special smell and taste, the wood is resistant to decay and insects; the grain is straight, the structure is very fine and uniform. Hardness and strength is medium, drying speed is medium, dry shrinkage, no deformation, easy to cut, smooth cutting surface, good brightness after painting, the effect is close to teak.
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